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We help teens master all aspects of responsible vehicle ownership!

With the distraction of cell phones, school, hormones and extra-curricular activities, students are not always as attentive to automobile maintenance as they should be. And in my experience, when vehicles are not properly maintained, then one of two bad things happens. Either the cost of repairs go sky high (when you wait too long, secondary problems arise that are entirely preventable if you address things upfront) or worse, kids can suffer accidents when equipment, like brakes, malfunction. What better way to invest in the safety of your child than a two year club that teaches them responsible vehicle ownership?


$20/month from the ages of 16 until they turn 18.

What your teen gets:

  1. Four (4) annual Club Meet-Ups (one each calendar quarter, we meet at the auto shop and have snacks and talk) where we train teens on critical ownership topics:
    1. Safety: what driving skills and know-how will keep you safe?
    2. Emergency: key do’s and don’ts if and when you or a friend get in an accident or breakdown.
    3. Maintenance: the most important things you need to do to make your vehicle last and the consequences if you don’t maintain
  2. Cost savings: we will give family members Guaranteed 10% discount pricing on the cost of labor on most repairs.
  3. Two (2) free inspections per year to keep ahead of any maintenance issues.


What you get:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Save money on repairs
  3. Investing in your teen — helping them understand vehicle responsibility

Owner Background:

2nd generation Police Officer — helped pioneer the NYPD Computer Investigations and Technology Unit and has a passion for Classic American muscle cars. Has hands on practical experience and is an excellent source of advice.

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